Our services

Your little darlings are accomodated in clean spacious suites, equiped with toilette, toys, food plates and sleeping quarter. During the day by your prior agreement your cat can go out of her/his suite, try our climbing frame or just play in the hotel rooms.

We are cleaning suites daily, for hygienic reasons we only use suitable materials which are easy to be cleaned. However, if your cat loves an item from your home (such as her/his sleeping pillow, favourite toy etc.) you are free to take that one with her/him to our hotel. It helps your darling to make her/his stay by us as pleasant as possible.

We are using dry food Royal Canin (different varieties) and Purina pro Plan, wet food Whiskas, Dein Bestes. In addition we provide different cat goodies and cat milk. We are providing fresh food two times a day, if required and by kittens or elderly cats three times a day. Access to fresh water and dry food is provided whole day. If your cat has a specific dining needs (diet), we will provide the special food based on your instructions.

Our Hotel, its equipment and operation rules were controlled and certified by the Veterinary Administration Office of the city of Prague. When planning your accomodation in our hotel please note that the minimal stay in our hotel is 3 days. For most cats shorter terms are better to stay at home with dry food and two clean toilettes, as frequent travels to the hotel and back are bringing useless stress for them.

We also provide

We can further assure several other services related to your darling on your request.

In cooperation with a trusted veterinary clinic we can take care of re-vaccination (beware: valid vaccination is required by accomodation in our hotel, the offered service here means we can take care of prolongation of vaccination its validity is going to end during the stay in our hotel) or other veterinary services. In participation with Animal Transport company we can organize a transport of your cat abroad inclusive preparing all necessary documents.

  • Care of hair by longhaired cats
  • Special food (diet)
  • Re-vaccination or other veterinary service
  • Organizing transport abroad
  • Cash, credit cards or PayPal payments accepted

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Check-in conditions

Vaccination certificate must be provided on arrival, with valid vaccinations against:

  • Feline Panleukopenia
  • Cat Flue (rhinotracheitida)
  • Rabies (it depends on the decision and recommendation of your vet)

Besides that:

  • Healthy cat free of parasites
  • Cat males older 1 year castrated
  • Minimal accomodation for 3 days