The base price is calculated per day per cat. We charge each started day and that is because that compared to hotels "for men" we are not providing just "a place to sleep", we must take care of our little customers the whole day.

On arrival in the off season we request 50% advance payment and it is usualy no problem to prolong or shorten your stay depending on your needs.

However, in the main season (since 1.7 untill 30. 9.) and during Christmass every place in our hotel is booked and it's usualy impossible to change the lenght of your cat's stay. In the main season we require the whole amount to be payed in advance and therefor please plan your booking as exact as possible because no refund on earlier check-out is made. Please note that if someone "just for case" books 2 - 3 days more it may cause that another owner can't have a suite for her/his beloved cat. We thank you for understanding!


The discounts can be summed up!

So, for example, if you have a cat from cat-asylum accomodated for more than 14 days and you are our old stander you get a total 30% discount so your basic daily charge is only CZK 98!



  • CZK 140 (aprox. EUR 5.20) Basic charge "all inclusive" (standard daily care of 1 cat)



  • - CZK 15 Supplying your own food



  • - 10 % Accommodation over 14 days
  • - 10 % Our old standers (from 4th stay)
  • - 10 % Cat taken from asylum (certificate requested)